Two ways AMP has screwed up my workouts

  1. Talking Two ways AMP has screwed up my workouts

    1) For the past few weeks I've gotten up in the AM and poped a couple of AMP before my workout. As luck would have it I sometimes get sidetracked with a phone call or email and the APM starts to kick in. Then I catch myself doing all sort of things besides heading to the gym -- feed the cat, take out the trash, check the chemicals in the pool -- all thing that I wouldn't normally do before working out if I wasn't so zoomed in. So now I find myself getting to the gym 15-20 minutes after normal and having really kick it in the ass to get done in time. Damn that AMP for taking me off my morning autopilot.

    2) Once I get to the gym the AMP has fully kicked in and I'm ready to rumble but after a couple of sets I get a really nasty reaction... sweat. Now I'm no stranger to sweating but this is insane, soak-your-shirt, drip-off-your-elbows sweating -- totally nasty. It doesn't appear to be a thermogenic reaction since I feel nice and cool but with that much sweat how would I know. Damn that AMP for causing me to leave puddles all over the gym.

  2. And your point is? lol

  3. AMP rocks!

    Also bought some of the geranium oil in bulk with chocamine, I'm expecting fun times.

  4. seriously bro - AMP is a great product!

    you getting side-tracked is solely on you

    but i hope you enjoy it! ERGO is a GREAT company!!!!!!

  5. if u dont want all the benefits of stimulants, dont take them.

  6. It's a good product and very effective. This is what it is. I don't beleive in stims anymore, but cannot say it doesn't meet it's claims.

  7. amp delivers


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