Admitted NOOB with a twist - IDS Ripped Tabs

  1. Admitted NOOB with a twist - IDS Ripped Tabs

    I've done a bit of reading about the IDS Ripped Tabs and opinions vary immensely from "I love it" to "Let's get together and bomb IDS". Here is my schtick

    6'6" 220#
    Approx 20% body fat (that could be a tad high)
    NOT LOOKING TO BULK UP - looking to drop about 20#

    I do lots of Cardio and High Rep Strength Workouts

    I am a triathlete and aspiring martial artist. My issue isn't that I need to get ripped and bulk up. The exercise I do is going to inherently keep me on the thinner side. What I want to know is IF and HOW to take this particular product safely and what other supplements I should use in conjunction with or as a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

    I appreciate any help or input from anyone.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    man you'll be way too thin at 200lbs for 6'6". I'm 6'7" and 230ish and still can look thin at times. I'd shoot for dropping some BF% and staying around 220. What does your diet look like, this is ultimately what will get you where you want to be.

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