I like Biotest products, just a few though! The others are too expensive, I'm waiting to hit the Fl. Powerball to try out their other supps. HAHA! Spike tabs ( got 2 in me right now ) Powerdrive is awesome, and I like the Spike Shooter, tastes great. I don't get it often because at 7-11 it's too overpriced. And yes sir, got a T-Nation t-shirt as well.

Been hitting up that geat site for over 9 yrs. now. You can't beat FREE outstanding articles! Can't wait to see all the info with the I, Bodybuilder. I smell BS though AND WILL NOT BE BUYING JACK **** EITHER. Also, I have a personal vandetta against one of their main writers. He's cool, writes some good articles, but he's not going to out do me in anything! It fuels my fire. Hehe.