testo booster + accutane

  1. testo booster + accutane

    would it really be that bad to take 3 caps daily of havoc if im taking accutane also im taking nac and milk thistle. thanks:chick:

  2. Yes. Very bad. Do not even think about it. It will bring your acne back.

  3. how long do you think i should wait after i go off accutane to start taking it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by vicaversa6922 View Post
    how long do you think i should wait after i go off accutane to start taking it?
    I would wait at least 2-3 months. Sounds stupid, but you'd better be safe than sorry. I personnaly wouldn't touch them. Never. If you have this sensibility, you'll likely make it come back easily.

  5. Havoc is not really just a test booster, it's a steroid.

    Just wanted to throw that out there.

  6. haha accutane = harsh on liver = need blood tests
    havoc = harsh on liver

    accutane + havoc = DISASTER ZONE

  7. i did a 4 week cycle b4 i went on accutane and didn't have a problem with an increase in acne on havoc when i did superdrol i broke out bad.

  8. yah but we are not talking acne here... we are talking your liver most importantly... screw acne if you F$ck your liver you mightas well pack up your balls

    Next, i have done accutane and wait a couple months. 1. to let your liver values return to normal 2. to prevent another surge in acne... i broke out HUGE a month after, for some reason... then never a pimple again


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