Help, newb-BMF Mtest 2

  1. Help, newb-BMF Mtest 2

    I am new to these forums, and used hte search on the BMF M-test 2. I am wondering if anyone on these boards have used it, and how it went. I found only one other post and no one had used it....thanks alot, Mike

  2. I ran Pheraplex a while back and It went o.k. This looks to be a clone I haven't heard anything. I stacked my phera with x-mass.

  3. anyone else. what is phera?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 98camaroSS View Post
    anyone else. what is phera?
    phera-phlex, it is a very potent popular designer oral steroid, good for building mass. what he was saying is that it appears to be the same thing u are asking about just with a different name, hence why he called what ever u asked about a "clone" of phera. just dont know if that clone is legit or not. there are other clones that are known to be legit though.

  5. if u are new to the game i do not recommend it.



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