Important info to anabolic pump (dump) non-responders

  1. Important info to anabolic pump (dump) non-responders

    Ok i did a little experiment with My anabolic pump over the last two weeks because I was wondering why people were haveing such bad reasctions and other were haveing such success, like myself. I thought man what do most people have in the morning that could be causeing them to have this

    I was takeing anabolic pump around the same time each morning some days with coffee and other with out.

    I would start to drink my coffee about 30minutes before I would eat, sipping on it until meal time. The days I would take my anabolic pump and drink coffee I experienced the hellacious (spelling?) dumps everyone was talking about after their morning doses.

    Now the days I didn't drink coffee i experienced nothing to note.

    Heres how I dosed:

    WEEK 1
    Sun: AP + coffee....Dump
    Mon: AP + coffee...Dump
    Tue: AP + Coffee...Dump
    Wed: AP....golden
    Thur: AP....golden
    Fri: AP + Coffee...Dump
    Sat: AP + coffee...golden

    Week 2
    Sun: AP...golden
    Mon: AP....golden
    Tue: AP + coffee...dump
    Wed: AP...golden
    Thur: AP + Coffee....dump
    Fri: AP ....golden
    Sat: AP...golden
    Sun AP...golden

    Only one day did I take AP + Coffee and not dump hard.

    Conclusion: I only get the anabolic Dump from AP when I drink coffee before/during/after doseing (30min)

    Maybe some people should look into this as a possible reason for their anabolic dumps. Even if I only help a few people narrow it down to the coffee causeing the problem then thats great because I wish everyone could get the same results from Anabolic Pump as I do.
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  2. i had the same reaction - stopped drinking coffee around my AP dose - the "dump" continued, just not as strong

    i too, believe coffee and AP should not be taken together

  3. Hrm...well I didnt see anything posted anywhere about the two so i figured maybe I can help some people out who didnt make the connection of the 2.

    Sorry it didnt happen for you, AP is great stuff
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  4. don't get me wrong - i think it's very important information!

    like i said, it wasn't as bad w/o the coffee - i think i'm just prone to te "dump" effect

    you made a very good point

  5. There goes Distilled talking crap again.j/K that explains my reaction.

  6. I dunno about you guys but I just gotta dump every morn when I wake up just part of my routine, I'm still having great success with the AP

  7. O yea I've been dumping with my morining pee since the winter of 03' lol.

    This was an additional dump from AP + Coffee, yea 2 dumps in the morning lol

    Matthew I didn't mean to sound defensive or anything, I was just dissapointed it didnt help you. I'm sorry if I did.
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  8. not at all bro

  9. what amount of carbs do you guys take in with the AP?

    seems to me that USP said that if you don't take the right amount of carbs afterwards, you get the dump, too.

    but good info to note as i am one of the non-responders, too! But i drink Diet Mountain Dew, not coffee. So it might be the caffeine intake, not the coffee..........

  10. 60-80 grams (oats)
    even as high as 100 grams

  11. Good call mace!!!!

    I take in about 40gr from oats and 20gr from fruit each morning....make my own oatmeal and fruit concoction (spelling?) peaches are the best combo IMO.
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  12. nice experiment distilled, good to know.

  13. coffee is a natural laxetiv i think

  14. Quote Originally Posted by frizzlerock View Post
    coffee is a natural laxetiv i think
    This may be true but what we're talking about is the extreme bowl movments some people are having after takeing a does of anabolic pump in the morning with breakfast.

    Mace linked it to maybe more of a caffeince thing after reading this thread.

    Either way I just want more people to read this and see if this was behind their "anabolic dump" problem with AP. I know if I experinced what I did with the coffee+AP each day I wouldnt want to continue, its extremley annoying.
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  15. Are most people buying the caps or the bulk yellow gold, because I get the feeling most people are buying the caps but the product is basically the same. I take it that nasty taste is turning people off from the bulk

  16. Yea the caps are what most people are doing. Although I, myself will be switching to the bulk powder once my caps are gone. Its waaaaaay more cost effective. Breaks down, if you cap it, to be like $45 for 3 months worth (300caps @ 500mg/cap). Thats one bottle of regular AP. I dont know if they're the same but for that price its worth a try.
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  17. the AP dose have symmetry in it as well but still bulk powder is def more cost effective

  18. Quote Originally Posted by dmillz224 View Post
    the AP dose have symmetry in it as well but still bulk powder is def more cost effective
    That was also somthing else I was thinking of. When AP first came out the "anabolic dumps" weren't heard of.

    I know it was only a few weeks, maybe a month after it was released they changed the formula to contain symmetry.

    So maybe, just maybe the symmetry + caffeine combo have some sort of interaction together causeing the "anabolic dumps"???
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