Any Female DCP Users Out There?

  1. Any Female DCP Users Out There?

    I am intersted in trying DCP, but I'm worried about any hormonal effects on women. More than 4gm of fish oil per day messes up my cycles and makes me very sluggish and depressed. If any of you have tried DCP, I would like to know if has affected your cycles at all. Thanks

  2. I have used it, and some other females have done so with success, no reported changes in menstrual cycle. DCP is not hormonal. However, you might experience increased sweating during workouts and endurance.

    Also, 2g of combined EPA/DHA should be sufficient for even a 200lb male.

    Are you particularly sensitive to supplements? If you give us an idea of what (if any) other supplements you've had an adverse reaction to we might be able to help you more.. but you should be fine on DCP.

    I logged it here a little while ago if you want to check it out, and if you have any questions let me know

    ab + dcp = :D

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