Hey guys,

I've been overcoming Low T for the past year. I am finally feeling better, T is up (I'm on Testim 10g/day). I never had aniexty before all this and because of it taking so long to get T fixed and lots of ED, I developed pretty bad anxiety. I still do not feel the "Johnson" works very good unless I take something, which has been Cialis. I have a history of Depression and Anxiety in my family (father and Brother) so the docs put me on Lexapro for the time being. I finally got back into the gym seriuosly after several years off. I use to be pretty big into, even antended the Arnold Classic a few times and was able to meet Arnold. Any ways I wanted to give a litte background to help you answer my questions.

AM-20mg Lexapro
30mg Zinc
Paravol (just started-sex drive seems low)
2tsp Maca Pure Powder
Glucosmine (joints sore-I'm 37)
Creatine-20 minutes before and after workout)


Late Afternoon--2tsp Maca Pure Powder

Cialis (every other day--exspensive, hince whie I am going to give Aspire36 a go later this week.

Now-Is there such a thing as too many supplements?

Should I move some of morning supps to evening?

Should I continue to take Maca Powder with the Paravol?

Any other supplement recomendations (think cheap, married with three kids, and wife's sex drive is still higher than mine, which will be great once I get my drive back up.)

Thanks for any info you guys couild give me.