Nettle,Powerfull,6oxo Bulk Powder Stack

  1. Nettle,Powerfull,6oxo Bulk Powder Stack

    stack: bulk powerfull and 60-95 bulk nettle root for a couple weeks and adding bulk androstenetrione powder toward the end

    i have already started the powerfull and nettle root and i am noticing changes in mentality, energy, and appearance

    dosages: Nettle root- 1800mg perday
    Powerfull- 1800mg perday
    Androstenetrione- tapering 200-500mg

  2. other supps that i am using with this:
    white flood, flaxseed, multi

  3. 1800mg of bulk powerfull ed?! thats not even one dose for me. i do 2 doses of 2.5g and 1 dose of 2g totaling 7000mg.

    do u have a question to go with the thread or just saying u like your stack?

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