Very confident on Yohimbine, anyone else?

  1. Very confident on Yohimbine, anyone else?

    I've recently noticed that whenever I take Yoh, even at 2.5mg I get very confident and assertive. Now I try to keep it infrequent because I don't like the way it feels besides that but has anyone else noticed that Yoh has this effect much more than other OTC stims?

  2. Since I work alone, I don't notice any confidence per se, but the mood boosting effects are very noticable. I zip around getting stuff done while whistling a tune on the low 2.5 mg doses. Any higher than that and it makes me a little edgy.

  3. Glad to hear your input Bioman. I post as little as possible but have read a lot of your input on behavioral and personality/mental disorders. As someone who deals with anxiety and social disorders I am always looking for something to help. So far it's pushed me from one line of work and I am currently looking for one that is less public facing but just wanted to say thank you for your many posts on here.

  4. My pleasure and I share your disdain in dealing with the public. lol

  5. Yomhimbine makes me lethargic as hell with no confidence boost whatsoever.

  6. If take more than 10 mg in a day, I get tensed up to the point where I am angry/anxious and it kills off any performance boost too.

  7. i dont get an confidence boost but it is a nice per WO stim.


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