Jackin up the natty T!!!

  1. Jackin up the natty T!!!

    Just planning ahead for the rest of the year...

    Currently, I'm on Week 2 of Hema/Prop. post cycle therapy is Torem at 120/90/60/30 and Paravol. I have some clen on hand as well and might throw that in for the last 2 weeks of post cycle therapy to control cortisol. And some green mag for PCT as well.

    Anyways, Im done with the PH's for awhile now after this run, and I am really interested in some of the other stacks that send my test through the roof after the torem and PCT

    Currently thinking of:

    Activate Xtreme

    1. Am I leaving anything out i.e. Rebound Reloaded or is it overkill?

    2. Can I run the above safely together?

    3. Should I substitute the above for anything better i.e. Hypertest for ???

    4. How long must I wait after the last Torem administration to start a nasty natty stack like this?


  2. RPM
    Activate Xtreme
    - personaly, i would drop one of these... the AXtreme is getting a lot of rave reviews right now(don't have to search far to read them) here's one that a guy is logging AX, RODJA'S AXtreme

    hope this helps bro

  3. could safely and an AI if u like. i would say it is safe to stack, although i forget what is in hypertest exactly. i will just point out RPM has 50% icarrin extract, activate Xtreme has 20% i believe and both IGF-2 and activate X have 3% rhodiola rosea. i dont know much about the other 2 new ingredients in activate X, but with these 2 in igf-2 and rpm i think the old activate would work just as good as the activate X and its cheaper. just my 2cents

  4. ^^^idk about an AI while in the off phase...

    yeah. probably going to run the three without hypertest.

    but again:

    How long must I wait after the last day of PCT to start a stack like this?

  5. RPM/IGF-2/AXtreme sounds like a great stack for your goals. I have seen a few others around here trying that.

    As to when to start these, these are all great to be run during PCT, so you could go ahead and start them now, they will help you keep your gains and keep your drive in the gym going.



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