Start Havoc pulse cycle this week, advice....

  1. Start Havoc pulse cycle this week, advice....

    I have not used a PH for over a year, the only time I ever have is Oxodrol12 (SDrol clone) and I suffered terribly with acne on it and has some suppression, ran it for 3 weeks.

    Therefore I have been reading everything on this board about the pusle method and feel that anything that helps to minimise the sides has got to be my route, even if the gains do come slower, hey will still be quicker than not using at all right?

    Proposed Cycle
    I will take EOD M-W-F (my regular training days) and increase as follows:-
    Week 1 Day 1 10mg
    Week 1 Day 2 20mg
    Week 1 Day 3 30mg
    Week 2 30mg
    Week 5 Same as Week 1
    Week 6 Same as Week 2
    Weeks 9-10 Depends how I am feeling, if I continue possibly 40mg still as there seems little support for tapering down slowly.

    I shall be taking Perfect Cycle throughout this time, and will probably get some taurine on hand for any back pains.

    Post Cycle
    Days 1-10 20mg Tamoxifen + 6-OXO Extreme
    Days 11-15 6 OXO Extreme
    I will also supplement with some Milk Thistle and CQ10

    The questions I have:-

    1/ First of all does the cycle sound about right?

    2/ When and how should I take the daily doseage, half before and half after training and if a non training day with breakfast and lunch? I read to avoid taking to close to bed as they may supress more?

    3/ Diet I was looking at staying clean upto 3500cals a day using a 40/40/20 ratio on training days (protein/carb/fat) and non training days 40/20/40. I wish to avoid smoothing out with increased calories to much due to heavy carb intake and hoped high fat consumtion (omegas and non satruates) on non training days will help keep my own test higher on non training days while taking the carbs for glucogen replenishment on training days.

    4/ post cycle therapy - I only have one sachet left from after SDrol of the Nolva but when pulsing this should be fine. Or should I even keep it back in case of any rebound and stick with the oxo extreme as there is some suggestion (I am not prepared to try it) that no post cycle therapy is needed when pusling? Also the site I bought Nolva from is no longer live and I am sceptical ordering prescription drugs from unknown overseas sources so was hopeful my supply would be enough.

    All help is appreciated as I can not read any more posts than I have to extract info and need some specific help now!

  2. Smile

    Please people I want some input....................

  3. Greetings-

    I plan to do a pulse cycle soon too. It will be my first and I plan to pulse an epi clone. My understanding is that PCT is minimal when you do a pulse cycle, but it never hurts to do one I guess. I think you have it covered with the supps' you plan to use. Based on the research I've read and to answer your questions:
    1) Looks good to me
    2) If you are doing 30mg, I've read 20 pre-workout, 10 post. I plan to do it that way
    3) This looks good to. I plan to keep mine clean and I'm hoping to do more of a recomp and not bulk
    4) I think the oxo extreme would probably be enough and that's what I Plan to use too.

    Do you plan to use milk thistle the entire time? I will use cycle support the entire time and 25-50mg of DHEA on off days.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by edvanp View Post
    Do you plan to use milk thistle the entire time? I will use cycle support the entire time and 25-50mg of DHEA on off days.
    What would be the purpose of the DHEA, to keep natural test higher or to boost libido? I thought one of the benefits of the pusle method was to minimise either of these negs?

    I was'nt intending additional milk thistle on top of that in the perfect cycle but then it is possibly the cheapest of all this so am prepared to, but thought the off days should allow recovery of the liver?

    What doseages are you planning?

  5. Sorry, I missed the part of you taking Perfect cycle, so no real need for additional milk thistle. I've read some posts where people have taken small amounts of DHEA to help with joints and to combat shutdown, especially with a dry cycle, that's why I'm adding a low dose. I think you have it covered well. I'll dose 30mg on my workout days, which would be 3 one week, 4 the following since I lift every other day typically.

  6. Have you managed to find any posted logs that speak positively of the pulse method as I am struggling?

    To be honest I can only find posts that state peope are thinking of it or are starting it, but most people chip in and knock it - but I dare say without trying it.

  7. Try this link here. Results From Pulsing Thread... Post Yours!

    It's a listing of individuals who have done Pulse Cycles and their results. The pulse cycle interests me because it's seems less harsh on the liver and the shutdown is far less severe. I hope to start mine in 10 days.



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