Gyno from restore, bad ass mass, jungle warefare stack

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    Gyno from restore, bad ass mass, jungle warefare stack

    Ok so i got minor gyno from an m1t cycle from a while back when i took it when I was 18 which was stupid as hell.

    Anyway I'm 22 now and I took a bam/restore stack and now my nips are a little sore and I see them everyday and it seems like theyre getting worse.

    I have letro, clomid, nolva and arimidex on hand

    I should probably take letro and nolva, which of these should i take and at what dosage and how long? thanks.

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    Just stop taking the R+BAM+JW stack, and start at nolva 40mg for a couple of days. Once a week goes by, go down to 20mg and cruise until they get back to normal.

    No need for the letro IMO

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