Is it safe to take?

  1. Is it safe to take?

    Venom Hyperdrive 3.0
    Jungle Warfare

    and then pre workout -WTF Pump'd

    Just want to hear the advice...

  2. I'm thinkin people will say drop leviathian or venom.

  3. Which one should I drop? I don't feel any stimulating effects from Leviathan , just heat..

  4. Yea I agree. I wouldn't necessarily say that it would be dangerous but just overkill probably. The heat feeling is what you are suppose to feel from the Leviathan, it's a fat burner and I believe that Leviathan is designed so that it is a more clean feeling energy so you might not notice it as much. If you are trying to get cut I would say keep the Leviathan, but if you just want some extra pre-workout energy I'd say drop the Hyperdrive.

  5. Drop Lev. and go witht the whole ALRI stack? Why not? WTF may not be required on the other stuff. Have it and maybe see how thigns go. Jump into the ALRI section, they have the EVO cycle set up for cutting as well as bulk. Although 90% is diet anyway, supps are just there to push you along.

  6. Oh, I know about the diet.. Im currenty doing the Dave Palumbo Consultation/Diet.. Been working very good.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by clearity View Post
    Which one should I drop? I don't feel any stimulating effects from Leviathan , just heat..
    You DONT need to feel stimulated for a thermogenic product to WORK

    FYI how buzzed a product makes you does NOT equal its weight loss potential. check out this thread where there are a bunch of Leviathan reviews. I wound NOT recommend Venom + Leviathan bc this will just destroy your adrenal glands.

    Consolidated Leviathan Reviews Thread

  8. ^^^exactly, even if u did not feel levai by its self, once u stack it with venom, the 2 together will make your heart pound while u are at the gym, if not all day. just go with one or the other.

  9. Thanks, I'll drop the venom.


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