has anyone had this experience with their dcp?

  1. has anyone had this experience with their dcp?

    i stocked up a few months ago when nutra had a big sale on it and i just got to opening a new bottle and dang it was gross. alot of broken capsuls and liquid brown greasy stuff everywhere. I only managed to salvage half the bottle. Is it still safe to use? im kind of disapointed in only having half a bottle but half a bottle is better then none at all

  2. It's just leaky caps. I believe they've switched to a dry formula now.

  3. That was when we used the liquid fill technology, however, it should be fine to continue use. We have since switched back to dry caps.

    If you have an issue with it, please send me a PM, I will arrange for a replacement.

  4. pm sent your way asianbabe

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