1. AF's NYC+

    I'm planning on getting some of this, as they seem to be the only place still carrying this stack. I'm wondering if I should get some additional Yohimbine HCL to take, as this formula seems a bit light on the Y HCL for me, (I'm 234 lbs.). Never taken an NYC stack before, but from what I've read I'd need around 20 mgs a day to see results, considering my bodyweight. Any opinions appreciated, guys...Thanx.

  2. I stacked NYC with ephedra free Lipo 6 and got some pretty decent results. The Lipo 6 has 5mg yohimbine hcl per 2 caps. Max dose is 2 caps 3 times a day. Gives you an extra 15mg of Y hcl. I weighed 226 when I started cutting, and seem to have tolerated this pretty well.

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