long term mental focus

  1. long term mental focus

    I have to start studying for a medical school admission test, and all i'm going to be doing is taking a prep class 8-5, studying, and working out at night. Can anyone recommend a long term (10 weeks) supplement to help stay focused on the studying and lifting. Some people have mentioned RPM and E, or RPM w/clear Edge but i think that is all out of stock and NP says its a final sale. Is Focus XT a good substitute?

    Any thoughts?

  2. adderall XR, but im sure u already know its prescription only

  3. Yeah that's what I was going to say. Yohimbe works good for me. Caffiene is overrated. It'll give me that 'pep' and that's it. Not some insane surge or energy or vitality, or whatever they claim.

  4. Focus XT is a perfectly good substitute, it has much higher amounts of actives in it than CE.

    Piracetam might be of interest to you as well for this period.

  5. I just got through RN school and the boards and I must say that AMP and piracetam were a few staples for me while doing long study sessions. I have tried adderall and I can honestly say that the above do compare! I have also tried clear edge, ALCAR, clear shot, oxiracetam and sublithiamine! (probably leaving out a few) The moral is that if you find the right combo of stims plus nootropics you will become an info retaining machine!! Just try different combos and you'll find what works for you.

  6. Also, don't forget to supplement with choline and tyrosine while taking these supps!

  7. Focus XT and RPM would def. be good choices. i just finished a bottle of picamilon (just did a review of it in the review section) and had good mental stimulation, less stress, really alert. would help you throughout the day and studying @ night good luck w/ your test btw!

  8. caffeine free spike?

  9. RPM/Clear Edge sounds like a winner to me. I am Extremely focused when taking RPM. I am RPM's biggest fan! I have tried NeuroStim also, it worked well for me as well.


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