Is there anything that u could take to make u more angry and exciting so that it would help in athletics..almost like roid rage but without the roids?

  2. Amongst the dangerous ones, any stimulant or amphetamine.

    Amongst the safer ones, tons of B12....

  3. icic

    what will b12 do for u i just looked it up and it didnt say nething special.

  4. b12 wont do anything for your aggression.... you're not going to find many things that are legal to up your aggression. And since there's no such thing as roid rage, you're not goign to find anything illegal to piss you off, its all a myth. Cheque drops would perhaps do it, but they're difficult to find, highly illegal and pretty dangerous. You're better off psyching yourself up.

  5. try a swift kick to the nuts, that should do the trick

  6. Or catch a lineman doing your girlfriend..... ah, God bless rage...

  7. yes or you could try cutting off the circulation to your testicles for around fifyeen minutes before your game, they should turn black and blue and that alone should make you pissed.

    I am kidding dont do this....

  8. You could try par's 5aa intranasal "In-rage"...thats supposed to give you a good rush before working out...

  9. Just listen to Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, and One. This should get you pumped up, I can swear it did something for me


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