Supplements, Meal Replacements For Early Morning Training

  1. Supplements, Meal Replacements For Early Morning Training

    I started training a month ago. My work schedule is changing; I will have to train early in the am. I'll be up by 4:30am, in the gym by 5am, Mon thru Fri. I will workout with weights/machines for an hour and then 25-30 minutes on an elliptical bike. My goal is to build muscle the first hour, burn fat on the bike. Since there is not enough time to digest a regular breakfast before training should I: Use a meal replacement pre workout for fast absorption and then a post workout shake? Should I use the post workout shake after weights/machine workout or after the bike session? Any reason to take a cortisol control product with either the pre or post workout shake? Any other suggested supplements or vitamins to take with "first thing in the morn" pre and/or post workout type training? Is there a formula/ratio of carbs/protein as per body weight? I am 50 yrs old, 5'9", 174lbs.

    In Advance, Thanks For Any Help, Harry

  2. a good multi-vitamin, nature's way alive! is my favorite.

    you will need a liquid breakfast, try to find something uses something other than dextrose or maltodextrin. Brown rice powder is optimal in my opinion. A little bit of malto isn't bad, but as a soul carb, it will be burnt too quickly.

    don't worry about your cortisol, i would actually suggest taking something like 6 oxo or 6 oxo extreme, it would be good for your age, and help block estrogen. these are very natural and safe alternatives to ph's or steroids.

    carbs to protein, i personally like 60 carbs and 40 grams of protein, some say more, some say less. i would suggest looking at ids' waximaize for a post workout carb, and a simple protein like optimum nutrition.

    i surely hope this helps you out, good luck Harry!

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