Will UCP1 mess me up with everything else im taking

  1. Will UCP1 mess me up with everything else im taking

    Ok im about 4.5weeks away from my competition"natural" so I cant take anything like clen,t3,etc.. thats banned. Im now taking an eca stack,yohimbine hcl and Biotests T2(the original stuff that worked not the T2pro), so do you think a cycle of UCP1 will be benefitial. Can I take it with my T2 or is that just asking for trouble. UA kinda scares me since lipokinetix was banned because the usnic acid cause liver failure in people, and im reading people are dying left and right from DNP which has usnic acid in it. SO, is the UCP1 safe if you do the recommened dose and is it ok to take with my eca stack,yohimbine hcl and T2? Thanks

  2. There are lots on inaccuracies in your post FullyBuilt.

    Lipokinetix did not have usnic acid in it but it did have sodium usniate (plus other HIGHLY potent fat burners). It was a VERY potent product...

    DNP does not have usnic acid in it.

    We cannot and do not recommend stacking UCP-1 with other products.


  3. Ok sorry I got my info wrong. So I see that many people take UCP1 with an eca stack but im mainly concerned about taking with the T2 im on. You guys think UCP1 has anything to do with your thyroid though, cuz if not wouldnt be ok to stack it with T2 then?

  4. Why dont you just take tge UCP-1 alone like its suggested?

  5. T-2 supresses TSH so I would NOT come off so close to contest time..

    save the UA and hit more cardio.

  6. Yah I actually had a nightmare a few nights ago that I went off the T2 about 2weeks before the contest and gained like 10lbs because of it. I started the T2 about 5days ago, so if I take like 300mcg a day i'll have enough to ride it out till about 4days before the contest. Im also gonna start taking gugglebolic in about 2weeks to not supress my tsh levels and take that for a good month. How many days before the contest do you think its safe to come off the T2. Also if I start the UA in like 1week I wont have a rebound effect and start gaining fat again once im done with it right? Thanks

  7. Guggle in my expereience has been pretty ineffective for thyroid.

    Dont think about the UA or any other uncoupler until your COMPLETELY done with T2, very unsafe in my opinoin.

    When you decide your ready to come off of the T-2 add in HIIT cardio, it should keep you lean enough to stay contest ready. Also 7-keto-DHEA should be of some benifit.

  8. 7 keto should increase sensitivity to t3 keeping you nice and lean my reccomendation would be to start it two weeks before you come off of t2 and run it till your satisfied that your levels are normal.


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