1. Heyo


    New here and need some help!
    I just started going to the gym and I feel as though I'm wasting a lot of money. I'd like to take something to supplement my workouts, but I'm not sure where to turn... I don't anything about anything that you can't buy at CVS.

    I'm 5'1 120. When I started the gym, they told me my body fat was at 28% but when I tell people that, they say it can't be right... ?

    I'd like to shed some weight off my tummy and my big booty.
    I have a four year old and it seems like I've been carrying this weight around since she was born.


  2. Hello,

    Was your bodyfat measured in a specific way when you were told 28% ? It's not uncommon for females to have 20-30 percent. Over this, though, starts to become unhealthy.

    How long have you been using the gym, what do you do there, and why is it feeling like a waste of time?

    I think it's much healthier to try to stick with a strict diet, some cardio, and resistance training before you try to supplement with any product for fat loss. There's plenty of information about healthy nutrition, proper weight training and how to set up a program for yourself. But if you have any questions about those things, I'm sure you'd get some answers if you post in the associated forums here for those topics.

  3. Great advice by bitterplacebo. Get yourself into a proper training program, and make sure your diet is good. Once that is consistent, we can help with supplements, otherwise you will feel even more like you're wasting your $.
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