ucp-1 question?

  1. ucp-1 question?

    My question is does usnic acid have an upper limit where effectiveness is lost or is it like dnp where the more you can handle the faster it works? I ask becasue I have a very high tolerance to dnp and went as high as 1,000 mgs ed before.

  2. I've never seen an "upper limit" nailed down, although most people never really exceed much over 2g of UA/SU. I will say that considering the nature of UCP-1 as a synergistic stack, the point is to not jam as much UA as possible in your system! I have done 2g daily of SU before for cycles, and still like UCP-1 at recommended dosages, and this did surprise me at first as I'm another person that usually takes huge doses of basically everything, lol. I would try it at recommended doses forst, but be forewarned you may not "feel" much, but that isn't a bad thing. Search around here or more user reports please.

  3. The recommended dosage is more than enough if you ask me. Like one of the moderators wrote, the point isn't to nuke yourself. It's a slow sizzle.

  4. Also, WYD has stated before that the synenergy from all of the ingredients is the key and going above the stated dosage does not help to increase the reaction.

  5. Bump on weaves response. UCP-1 was formulated to lower the dosage of UA and still remain as effective as a higher dosage. Based on all the feedback, it does just that. Try it out at the recommended dosage and see what happens. If you'd rather just use straight UA, I think powernutrition still has some.



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