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  1. Thats what I thought which was why I didnt post the instructions

  2. I wouldn't recommend Chaser because some people I know tried it and spent the better part of the night vomitting black stuff, which turned out to be coal. I guess coal is used to slow absorbtion or something like that. I personally think the best supp is good ol' H2O. A hangover is essentially dehydration, replacing the lost water is your best bet. Try to remember to drink a good amount of water before bed if you can, and put down more than your usual amount the next day. Yeah you'll probably have to wake up and piss during the night, but hey, its better than vomiting coal.

    Oh, and as far as the question of "why drink?" goes, there are subtle joys found in waking up the next day not knowing what her name is or where in the hell you are


  3. cookmic has a good point. If you are going to drink the best Preventitive would be water and alot of it. Back in the frat days I used to get hammered and the only thing that would help would be water w/ sugar in it. It didnt completely rememedy my alement but it certainly helped. I started doing it one day after watching the discovery channel special on hangovers. Kool Aid or Iced tea (none of that sugar free **** either) also seemed to help but the water and sugar worked the best. The only problems I remember were the pissing all night long **** (which is common if your getting trashed anyways) or trying to drink that **** in bed and always spilling it down your neck and chest and it ends up as a wet spot in the bed. Thats probably another reason Kool aid may not always be a good idea. Sticky chest and stained sheets the next morning.

    I havent drank hard in so long that now I get buzzed off two beers. I love it!! It so much cheaper then drinking allnight for a buzz and a hangover.


  4. B12..is still king

    It's the b vitamins that are leached and it take up to 20 days to get them back to normal after a real night drinking

  5. Well, if you KNOW you're gonna do it... Drink a lot of water during the day and ALSO eat foods high in potassium chloride and sodium chloride. A good balance of those is IMPORTANT. You can achieve this by putting a lot of SEA (*NOT* table) salt on your food and drink lots of h2o... during the day if you're going to be drinking that night.

    When you get home with those 2 ugly chicks that seem to look nice because you are so drunk, have some fruit juice before bed...

    You'll be fine the next day, other than the horror of thinking "OMG *WHAT* is that? How do I get it out of here without waking it up???"

  6. gatorade and some multivitamins --better the night before

  7. Chaser is ****, don't use it.

    I don't know about X03, or whatever the hell that is, but its first ingredient Glucathione. Althought this is essential for healthy liver function, I'm not aware that raw supplementation does anything at all. If it was NAC, ALA, and Milk Thistle, maybe their claims would be worth something.

    Gatorade and Multis, extra B-12 and C the night before, LOTS of water, and some Excedrin or Naproxin for the headache in the morning, and you can make it to work and not feel like a drunk dumb ass. Also, even if you feel like barfing, eating a high-salt, big ass breakfast is extremely important. Your electrolyte balance is screwed, you've killed a bunch of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract, and if you don't eat, your hangover will get much worse.

    Better yet, don't drink so much that you need to prepare for how wasted you're undoubtedly going to get!

  8. Article in MD recomends prickily pear extract 5 hours before consumption reduced hangovers symptoms in the study 50%, also recomended 2 glasses of water, and aspirin before bed, avoiding red wine, and adding some honey in drinks since alchohol reduces blood sugar.

  9. im real prone to hangovers....but whenever im on NO2 or creatine or both i seem to not be phased by a hard nite of drinking....this is no BS...try it....of course...i do my best to stay hydrated but im sure the NO2/Creatine is doing something to rid me of a hangover

  10. Water (b/4 during and after), ALCAR, and charcoal pills (cheap).


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