ala and cla for bulking??

  1. Arrow ala and cla for bulking??

    hey fellas i was just wondering if ala and cla wud be good for bulking, i'm about 2 go on a 3400 cal a day diet, i'm 6'1 170 pounds, can u advise wat dosage shud i take of each 2 c any positive effects. thanks 4 ur anticipated replies.

  2. cla is for burning fat isn't it?? correct me if i'm wrong though

    i only used R-ALA myself, 300 mg 30 minutes prior to each meal.

  3. yes but i heard it increases muscle mass while burning fat, thats why i thought it would be good in a bulking cycle and i dont know where to get r-ala in new york. ala is readily accessible to me so that why i want to use ala instead. but i was wondering if it wud have a synergestic effect using the two. ala and cla that is. i'm just concerned with the dosage for both. thanks yordi but any other input would be appreciated

  4. People do use this stack while bulking with success. However while bulking, if your only going to use two peices of the puzzle, use ALA and Alcar not ALA and CLA. If you can get the Alcar to (which can be gotten for very reasonable pricing) then do all three. Otherwise save the CLA for later.

  5. hey windword thanks for the reply, i heard about alcar 2weeks ago and went to the vitamin stores to see if i can get but nobody seems to know what it is, i did a search online but nothing came up. i read about it in cutting edge forum.

  6. windowrd i just clicked on your anarchy stack, i feel so stupid, i didn't know alcar is acetly-l-carnithine, well i'm a newbie to this thing, lol...i go to the stores asking for alcar no wonder nobody knew what i was talking about. i would go do some research on alcar and see if its good for me, i'm an ectomorph i do not wanna lose 2 much fat i dont have in the first place but like i said i'm going for 3,400 cals so maybe it wont matter?

  7. so how does a mag 10 (i got 4bottles for 200 dollars) ala and alcar and biotin stack seem do u think its potent on a bulking cycle? i might add cla if i can afford it or save it till later as suggested.

  8. Originally posted by poseidon
    so how does a mag 10 (i got 4bottles for 200 dollars) ala and alcar and biotin stack seem do u think its potent on a bulking cycle? i might add cla if i can afford it or save it till later as suggested.
    That should be fine bro. Im not the biggest fan of Mag 10 since you already have it, go with that and the Alcar and ALA and you should have a nice little cycle.

  9. thanks windword, what are the dose u recommend on both the alcar and ala i've seen the gnc version of ala its pretty cheap, 9 dollars for 100 softgels at 100mg each should i go for store brand? or reputable source are all ala created equal as in creatine? and how do i take them...sorry to many questions

  10. No dont get GNC ALA. Its not strong enough. You need to take approx 500-600 mg ALA with each meal so get the NOW products as they make 250mg.

    As for the Alcar, also get the NOW brand and take one 500mg capsule per meal to start and increase from there as you see fit.

  11. thanks wind again, but i'm looking to do 6meals a day, are there any toxicities associated with these products? sorry i'm still researching, i'm currently 170 pounds i'm aiming for 190 by nov. with the mag 10 is this possible? training 3 times a week using the max-ot routine.

  12. i'm currently reading ur alcar sticky.

  13. 500mg per meal of ALA is just fine, even at 6 meals a day. You need to be doing 2-3 grams a day of it.

    As for the Alcar 1.5grams a day is a good starting point in 3 divided doses.

  14. thanks wind, u have been very informative especially ur thread on alcar, my one concern now though is i'm already skinny at 6'1 @170 pounds however i'll be doing 3400 cals aday, wont the anarchy stack make me look even skinnier at the end of a cycle...i'm going for a 12 week bulk cycle.

  15. Not necessarily bro. What you have to understand is that most guys who have used this have all gained weight while loosing body fat. That is amazing. Alcar has SO many other benefits that its worth taking all the time period. It increases focus which is good for training as well. ALA is a nutrient partitioner and will make your bulking cycle more effective in the way that it lends nutrients more to muslce growth than to fat content. I will never bulk again with out it!

  16. thanks alot wind.

  17. Originally posted by poseidon
    thanks alot wind.
    No problem bro.


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