Whey foam from OJ

  1. Whey foam from OJ

    So a friend of mine just got a 10lb bag of vanilla ON whey. Apparently he makes his whey shake by mixing vanilla with orange juice to get a sort of cream cicle flavored drink.

    At any rate...he says that with the ON whey when he mixes it with OJ it foams up like a crappy pour of beer. Anyone have a foaming problem with whey? How did you solve it?

  2. Yah, you mix it up ahead of time before you drink it, and then when your done mixing it, you throw it back in the refrigerator and come back in a while when it's time for your next meal, and the foam is all gone, and your left with just the liquid.

    Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but it works for me everytime And it's also the only way I know of.

  3. I used to love mixing Whey with OJ...tastes like an Orange Julius.
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  4. Never had that problem with OJ. Mixed some pineapple protien with grape juice once.... Nothin but foam!

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