no2 black powder

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  1. haha ^^^

    I have actually been hearing pretty good reviews of this porduct on a couple other board and on supplement review sites.. I went ahead and ordered a can for $44 so i will be posting my review sometime next week.. hopefully i didnt just flush $44 down the toilet.

  2. Its that they under-dose every thing so make sure to double up each serving.

  3. I know most of you hate the idea of this product... BUT

    My training partner who holds 6 titles in the INBF LOVESS this stuff... He gave me a serving the other day and it really was pretty good.

  4. they need a new flavor ha or something u can drink

  5. ya... thats one downside... the taste is narsty

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sublimejeh View Post
    ya... thats one downside... the taste is narsty
    i jsut do a scoop and a lil water and take it like a shot than drink like 12 ozs of water that ok to do?

  7. i use it for the energy, same thing i did with N O Xplode, I like black powder better but neither is anything special, just like the boost i get from it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by swanee609 View Post
    i jsut do a scoop and a lil water and take it like a shot than drink like 12 ozs of water that ok to do?
    haha ya thats fine, i do that with nasty tasting things too... some people actually just throw the scoop o powder in their mouths and wash it down haha
  9. explosive

    been on black powder for about 3 weeks now, biggest thing i have noticed is endurance, recovery between sets is pretty impressive.

    found out why they call it black powder the hard way, put 2 scoops in 20 oz of water put top on while i changed clothes and the dang bottle blew up (big mess, thought i was gonna get banned from the gym.) seems like it carbonates or something. do not put lid on for very long, it will blow up.

  10. that happened to me as well

  11. I did not like the taste of it or feel any thing from black powder.

  12. how much caffeine in this stuff ?

  13. this stuff tast like ass but it does give a good pumpand focus nothing campared to shotgun though

  14. MRI... not a fan.

    WAR and Black Powder were nothing special.

    plus, they sent me a shaker cup, it's a terrible blender bottle knockoff, and the dang print comes off on my hand, all sticky and sh!t..

    but they do have purtty boxes.


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