1. Arrow H-drol..

    I have just recently obtained h-drol... which by some research is apparently the same as halodrol and is a legal steroid i guess but i was wondering will this show up on a ncaa drug test and if so how long would it take me to get out of my system... it is called H-drol which can be purchased online an apparent copycat of halodrol which east germany used in the olympics

  2. i just bought some halovar, which is a halodrol clone and the guy at the supp store in my gym said it was on the NCAA list. Cuz i have the same question, but getting tested for the military, i dont know if they look for that kind of stuff.

  3. halodrol is just the name for another prohomormone not the original steriod used by east germans which was oral turinadrol. But yest its all the same and oral turinadrol is a banned substance that will show up on tests.
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  4. how long then do you think it will take to get out of system if say i had taken it for two weeks

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