KiloSport Attack. Any one used it?

  1. KiloSport Attack. Any one used it?

    This is an AI. Anyone used it? Found a few reviews and heard it was very strong.

  2. Looks very similar to Gaspari's Novedex XT, with the replacement of the flavonoid with GTE.

  3. What is AI? Not familiar with that jargen.

  4. Aromatase Inhibitor.

  5. A friend of mine used it to control estrogen as a standalone product. He noticed some benefits from it... those of any other decent AI.

  6. yea really similar to gasparis nolvadex, works well. i gotta cutomer that likes it better than nolvedex.

  7. I used it, good product, very similiar to Gaspari NovedexXT as stated above.


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