halodrol (h-drol) quick question for....

  1. halodrol (h-drol) quick question for....

    After researching for quite some time, I came to the conclusion that a halodrol clone would be the wisest choice for my first run at an anabolic compound. I'm going to be ordering soon, and wanted some feedback from anyone who is willing to give me some! This is what I have so far...

    On Cycle
    h-drol 50mg a day x 4 weeks
    Anabolic Innovations Cycle support 2 scoops a day x 4 weeks
    Liv 52 2 pills a day x 5 weeks (1 predloading)

    Toremifene 120 x 3, 90 x 4, 60 x 7, 60 x 7, 30 x 7
    SNS Reduce XT 3 a day x 4 weeks
    Thermolife Ebol 6 a day x 4 weeks
    R-ALA 4 a day x 4 weeks
    Liv 52 2 a day until it runs out (one and a half weeks)
    2-3 g of Beta Alanine and DiCreatine malate pre and post, or 2 times a day on non workout days.

    How does this look? I was wondering if the R-ALA would be worthwile, or if I would be better off with more Liv 52, SAMe, or some other antioxidant/liver protectant/cleansor. All feedback welcome!

    Cant wait to kick this off!!!!!!

  2. Looks good. Only thing I'd suggest is not to run liver support while on h50. I've ran 2 cycles now and had numerous friends run the same cycles as I have and found while using liver support during it hindered the gains. What I did was start the liver support when I had 5 days left on cycle and worked great.

  3. Interesting, I guess I could either switch the liver support and r-ala, or just start the liver support later like you did and drop the r-ala. As far as it negating gains, was it size, strength, endurance..? If I did drop it, do you think the CS would be fine, one reason I picked halodrol was that it was fairly mildy comparitively.

  4. Yes it is definitely a mild compound. You will be just fine as long as you dont drink alchy consume plenty of water. Im planning one more run with the h50 in a couple months and im gona do a 50mg week one 75mg week 2 and possible 100mg weeks 3-4. Gains was LBM and strength to a certain extent.

  5. Im on a cycle of h drol now and i have about a week in and a half left. i read that hdrol didnt have any water retention. im also taking taraxatone and animal cuts aswell. i would suggest starting with 2 to 3 caps aday until the first pass and then increase the dosage. i also heard not to cycle more than 4 weeks because the results get slim to none the longer u take it.

  6. Biggest results from this product will be 3rd and 4th week. weeks one and two you will barely notice anything.

  7. The other thing I was wondering would be replacing Ebol with paravol. I know both are different, but was wondering what would be better for PCT. Ebol's nutrition partitioning and positive nitrogen balance seems like it would be great for PCT and holding onto gains, but Paravol seems like it would be a great libido booster, and also aid in recovery. I know this is my first cycle, but I would wonder how effective or needed a test booster would be, and if it could or would interfere with recovery. I would think less is more for PCT, and to let me body do the work and not too many supps.

  8. Paravol would be good to use. Its worked for most people. I went through a bottle of it and did nothing for me. My pct I always really like to stack Nitrix with it for ecrection strength. I know BSN isnt highly liked round here, but their Nitrix does wonders for me for libido and as far as looking jacked up and vascular all day long.

  9. I say it now, without having gone through it, but I would want it to help me regain homeostasis and kickstart my test production. Bigger loads and sexual functioning would be cool, but I want it to help my post cycle therapy not sex life. :chick:

  10. Well then I would recommend you to get Diesel Nutritions Hardcore. That will be perfect for what you just described.

  11. the feedback on Get Diesel seems to be great! However, the website I was ordering form doesn't carry the product you mentioned. Any other imput on whether a test booster or ebol would be more beneficial...Also, is r-ala needed for pct or would it be better suited on cycle and use the liv 52 during pct?


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