1. Question Halovar

    I am looking at a product by Purus Labs called halovar, which they claim is the same compound as the old Halodrol 50 by Gaspari. The compound is 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17-diol. I was hoping someone who has used Halodrol 50 or is in the know could verify this for me, or shed a little more light on what this product exactly is. I appreciate any help on making a more informed decision on a purchase.

  2. ok well I answered my own question when I realized there was a search option and people have discussed this already. Can anyone recommend a good stack with this for getting lean?

  3. I think Halovar and Trenadrol would be a great stack for leaning out and gaining quality muscle. You should also look into 11-OXO if your overall goal is just getting lean, it can get pricey but i had really great results at higher dosages with it, dropped alot of body fat.

  4. Just use it standalone especially if it is your first time using this stuff. I highly recommend it!

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