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    Muscle tech Apoldan
    Im aganist muscletech but im sore for at least two days after hitting a bodypart i think i might be overtraining but will apoldan help me grow?

  2. If it does what it says it's supposed to do, it will help give you the potential for more growth in the sense that you will activate more muscle fibers during training.

    But if you mean growth as in the process of recovering from exercise, it won't do anything for you. This is mainly what the purpose of food is for, and is probably a better investment than that product.

    I'm skeptical about the only study that they show for aplodan. They say
    Subjects using Aplodan™ for seven days achieved higher muscle tension thresholds and thus increased muscle-fiber activation by an average of 83 percent more than baseline (1.74 vs. 3.18 mins).
    but this is vague. Anything could be going on here. We don't know the details of a control group, the test they used, or how they correlated the data (durations?) with an increase in dormant muscle-fiber activation.

    They claim over 30 independent studies, but they cite this one and claim the product is "clinically proven to increase muscle fiber activation by 83%" and "Pharmacologically Engineered To Trigger Dormant Muscle Fiber Activation in 7 Days."

    Hopefully this helps you make a choice regarding aplodan.

    Also, soreness is not a good indication of overtraining, unless maybe you're getting sore in places that weren't even remotely exercised. A couple days of it is normal. Usually, my legs remain sore for up to 4-5 days after training, but I'm still able to make progress.

  3. Im thinking of stacking aplodan with Beta Alanine in the future. Since both seem to gear towards lifting heavier. Any thoughts?

  4. Get some BCAA's. Preferably watermelon xtend. take 4-6 scoops during your workout, you will see a difference in soreness (less), strength(more), and your taste buds(yum!).
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