Best form of Gluc and Chond

  1. Best form of Gluc and Chond

    What is the most bioavailable form of glucosamine and the most bioavailable form of chondroitin?

    I don't neccesarily mean brands, although I will gladly take some suggestions, but I mean forms as in sulfate, HCL, etc.

    I feel like this is some great stuff if it could just get through.

  2. Friend of mine likes the liquid version made by Now Foods, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM together. Says he can notice it working better than the standard pills. Don't know why it works better though.

  3. Question

    Quote Originally Posted by CONTROLLED LABS View Post
    orange triad covers you there and gets you a multi/digestion and immune boosting supp in one
    Do you have any info/studies showing that the sulfate forms found in orange triad are superior?

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