11-Oxo / 3-AD

  1. 11-Oxo / 3-AD

    What is the absorption system used by AX in 3-ad? I've got some 11-Oxo and was wondering whether taking it with some bioperine and grapefruit juice (narangin) could increase absorption and prolong the life of the 11-oxo?

  2. ^ I have been taking my 11-OXO and Epi with a meal and some flaxseed oil so the fat will help aid in abosorption.

    3-AD has something in it that AX says helps.

    It wouldn't hurt to take some bioperine or narangin I guess.

  3. I am taking oxo with MassFX - Dr. D said the MassFX contained a substance which would help the absorption of both supplements.

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