Recommended Dosage?

  1. Recommended Dosage?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering about the Recommended Dosage on most supplements. What weight class is "Recommended Dailey Dosage" usually for?.
    Someone 240lb would not get the same effect as someone 180lbs? if say Recommended Dosage was 3 - caps a day !

    I myself am 240lbs, just trying to calculate how much more to increase dosages on some supplements !!

    Any Input would be great !!

  2. well any type of supplement..... usually supplements are meant to last "30" days if you go by there dosage. but if you weigh more, up the dosage, you only get 18-20 days.
    what weight class do companies judge there dailey dosage by
    180? 200lbs?

    example would be, anabolic pump or RPM !

    i'm pretty sure the Recommended dose will not work for me !!

  3. I would think for most things you take their "recommended" dosage and just adjust accordingly. For example, if you are a 275lb guy then you will likely up the dose. If you are a 115lb weakling then lower it.

    Also with stims, I think it depends on your tolerance to stims and how much you have taken in the past. I don't drink coffee or soda, so when I tried RPM, 3 was plenty for me and I'm 188 pounds. I've read other guys at 180 pounds that take 6 a day.

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