Has Anyone had good results with CLA?

  1. Question Has Anyone had good results with CLA?

    I'm trying to shed 5-10lbs this summer and I'm wondering if it is worth adding CLA to my daily supplements. I've heard good things about it and some say it does nothing for them. I would appreciate any feedback.

  2. I've had better dieting results by just getting real strict with my calories.

  3. Yea CLA is a solid product. You just need to take it for a while about 2gr @ 3x's a day (6gr total). I started to notice a little bit leaner mid-section and face after makeing CLA a constant for about 6 months. Its not too expensive either. If your looking for wow results right away then stay away form it. If you can afford it and stay with it then i'd def. go with it

    I think CLA + Seasathin would be a killer combo.
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  4. I tried CLA for a little while but heard mixed things about it, but yeah usually need to take like 4-6 pills a day to make it work well...I stopped taking it and am trying some Leviathan which so far I am noticing already and im only taking 2 a day cuz i just started...will be moving up to 4 and should really see a difference.

  5. Never did a damn thing for me. I was downing it like crazy for a few months and lost weight in my wallet.

  6. Flax oil is better in my opinion. Yes, slightly different product, but the results that I saw from CLA when I took it has taken about two weeks when I started at least 2 tbsp of Flax daily. Harder, increased vascularity, more dense feeling, just better all around.

  7. I take Flax oil with omegas.
    But I found clean diet can work better than CLA for me.izza:

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    I take Flax oil with omegas.
    But I found clean diet can work better than CLA for me.izza:

    AGREED! clean diet and cardio 3-4 days a week....bye bye fat :P

  9. while (energy>calories) //where energy is expenditure and calories is calories consumed

  10. I do not recommend CLA as it can cause insulin resistance.


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