Am I Stacking Right?

  1. Am I Stacking Right?

    I'm looking to only get cut not be massive. I'm 5'8, 190lbs I don't know my bodyfat.

    I'm taking a stack from "nutritional concepts" called "the diet source" it consists of 4 supplements:

    Thermo Lean
    - that supposedly boost energy and supports sugar metabolism.
    it contains
    Garcina Cambogia
    guarana seed extract
    kola nut extract
    gymnema extract

    Omega Lean
    Safflower oil (CLA)

    Bio Cleanse
    Fiber supp

    Hydro Balance
    supports fluid balance
    buchu extract
    uva ursi extract

    Along with the "Diet Source" kit
    I just received

    Orange Triad
    Bulk Lipoderm
    and sesathin

    Should I add creatine to this mix? Anything else?
    ANy advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Dude, sounds like you made a trip to Vitamin World? If so you got ripped off and I would return that Diet Source Kit as soon as possible. It is not a very good product and I know because I worked at VItamin World for over 2 years. This is the product that they make the most commission on and that's the only reason why they told you it was so great, it's not. They make 10 dollars for each kit they sell. For 60 dollars you are basically getting fiber, cla, a diuretic that costs 3 dollars at Vitamin World and a lame fat burner. If bought separatly at the store it costs only 22 dollars. I'm just trying to help you out, return it and buy something else you will save a lot of money. Don't let those people screw you I've seen it happen hundreds of times.

  3. Thanks for the heads up

    From what you see in the kit and what I got from nutraplenet what should I get to replace the diet source kit? what should I add to my stack? I will be running or biking 5 days a week in the early a.m. and lifting 3-4 times a week. I'm 5'8 190lbs. I want to be ripped at around 175lbs. Love handles are killing me.

  4. Leviathan, CLA, some chromium picolinate and guggulsterones wouldn't hurt (and they're cheap as hell), and you might wana pick up some bcaa's so you dont lose a lot of muscle. cutting is more about changing your diet and increased cardio than supplements, but those i listed will definitely help
  5. Leviathin

    Can I use Leviathin with the DCP, sesathin,Ap, and lipoderm? Is that a no on the creatine?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bisi06 View Post
    Can I use Leviathin with the DCP, sesathin,Ap, and lipoderm? Is that a no on the creatine?
    You could definitely use creatine with that stack.

  7. What about Leviathon/Stim Free RPM and Retain 2 or aminos for the part in keeping muscle?

  8. ya you could definitely add creatine. i would suggest MAN Clout. and ya adding stim-free RPM would be great too but its not out yet. you could get a sample pack of RPM with stims and try and stack it with Leviathan to see how you react (im stacking the two right now and i LOVE it)


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