1. Taurine

    I bought a kilo of this because it was so cheap and its supposed to be the second most abundant amino after Glutamine. My question is what is the dosing protocol? And what are the many uses. I've tried searching, but most of the Taurine is in a proprietary blend.

  2. most people use it on cycle to help stop from cramping up. about 1.5-2g pre and post WO, but u can use alot more and or more frequently if u like. i just add it to my protein or bcaa's.

  3. I take a teaspoon pre-workout. Taurine can help increase endurance and performance through biochemical processes that are above my comprehension.

    Taurine is also found in a lot of the 'old-school' creatine formulas, as it has a synergistic effect with good ol' creatine monohydrate.
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  4. Cool, thanks. Reps to you.

  5. I have used it post training with my Creatine Mono. Recently Im not doing it. 1/4 teaspoon equals about a gram. 1 tsp equals 3.5 grams (NP Brand) when I take a bigger dose the cause seems to be relaxing.
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