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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
    but don't we all have expensive pee?!?!? HA HA! reps for that!
    "You know, I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence." - Ricky Bobby

    Seriously, supplements are what they are. I've done impulse buys before too, and who cares about $10 vs having it that day instead of waiting 3-4 days, maybe longer? I've blown $10 on one of those crane machines digging for toys while sitting in a restaurant waiting for a table. So don't worry about it, its not like its bad product, just carries a high price tag. I buy expired EAS Betagen, because I like the ingredient profile and taste, but hate the price of it normally.

  2. I just got some of the cell tech hardcore.

    the before/after pictures on the container are ridiculous.

    edit: and just to save what little reputation I might have left after admitting to using this hyped up ****, I got a hookup, so I paid $0.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kmcl View Post
    Im just starting a cycle of Cell-Tech Hardcore today. I took my first serving this morning (2 scoops with 8oz. of water).

    I was wondering if any one has taken it and if so how did you like it?

    The recomended servings say to take Cell-Tech twice a day during the loading stage (morning and post workout) for 5 days. Then after the loading stage just once a day in the morning.
    I was wondering if you guys think this is a good amount to take or should I play around with when I take a serving and how much to put in a serving. And also how long I should stay on it? Take it on an empty stomach?

    I would appreciate any info anybody could give me. Thanks
    Make sure with this cycle you have PCT. This cycle is very hard core be very carefull. I quote. " Gain up to 26 times more mass
    with Cell-Tech Hardcore! "

  4. kmcl - there are much better supps than this for the price; everyone's already said that.
    You're obviously pretty new to the supplement market (?) It's a fairly well kown fact Muscle Tech is overpriced poor to medium quality stuff..

    You don't need a loading phase with this, I've done creatine for years- on and off- and never once have I loaded it. Just take the normal dosing as it says on the bottle (except the loading phase obviously)
    If you've never had creatine you might like this product, if you have then you'll probably be dissapointed with it because it's the same as all others but more money.

    I generally come over here to "price check" the items before I get them.. There's tons of info on really good supps here, and as you can tell- people know when your not getting what you pay for.
    Goodluck- creatine is a staple of mine, hopefully will be one for you too.

  5. why you guys bumpin a thread from 2007?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Make sure with this cycle you have PCT. This cycle is very hard core be very carefull. I quote. " Gain up to 26 times more mass
    with Cell-Tech Hardcore! "

  7. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted View Post
    why you guys bumpin a thread from 2007?
    damn i didn't even notice that


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