feed back please

  1. feed back please

    on the vitamin side of things has any one seen a difference after using animal pack or animal products?

  2. what kind of difference - a difference to other multi vitamin products - or a difference to the specific animal pak blend and its purpose?

  3. i've never noticed any gains directly associated to Animal Pak, if thats what your asking. i feel more energized throughout the day, and i know im getting all my essential vitamins and such that will help my body run at peak perfermance. you will get sick less often too. not to mention they're cheap as hell.

  4. Isn;t it something like 12 pills?

  5. ya basically i just wanted to know why it was so much greater than a normal multi vitamin and if it changed any part of your training intensity

  6. ya its 11 pills, some are small but a couple are like horse pills. took a while getting used to, but now i can down the whole pack in 2 gulps.

    as far as a noticable difference between animal pak and other multi's, i haven't noticed any. its hard to judge how well a multi works since im using other supps that have a noticeable effect as soon as i take them and a multi isn't that kind of supplement. i just take animal pak because i know im getting all i need and then some.

    just so you know tho, they make you fart like crazy, and possibly break out a little

  7. ha thanks for tha warning

  8. no prob. they never smell but they're pretty damn loud


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