? for those of you who do during workout drink

  1. ? for those of you who do during workout drink

    I know theres alot of guys that like to do a big bottle of xtend or poseidon with some BCAA's and what not and sip on it during there work out.

    Now my question is this. If you were to do that, do you still take a preworkout supp?

    And by preworkout supp I mean in powder form, not something like RPM.

    For instance right now I take fierce preworkout. Yes I've tried just about everything, no xplode, wtf pump'd, ragnarok, vasoxplode, superpump 250, you name it. I just happen to prefer fierce over them all.

    So if I were to mix up some xtend and sip on it during my workout, does that mean I should nix the fierce pre workout and just go with the xtend?

    I could mix them I guess, but orange fierce mixed with lemon xtend......maybe not such a great idea

  2. I sure do take a pre workout supp. I am taking NO Xplode, and when I get the chance and get some samples, I will take something like Smash, Supercharge, Steel Edge, it all depends. They all do the same thing (relatively). I take my pre workout supp with my vitamin, and that's it. I don't like to mix anything else with it in fear that the amino acids could interfere with NO production. Plus, drinking BCAA's during my workout keeps me more anabolic. I take bcaa's an hour before my workout with protein, during my workout, then immediately post. The only way I'd say I wouldn't take a pre workout supp is if I was taking something like amino shooter with caffeine, but still I'd want something to give me a pump.

  3. I take my pre-wo and if it does not have any BCAA's I will take another serving of Xtend.

    The for peri-wo, I will do 6 servings Xtend + heaping scoopp of Poseidon.

    Post-wo, I have adequate BCAA's or once again I will add another serving of Xtend.

    If you can afford it, shoot for .17g of BCAA's per kilo of bodyweight: pre, peri, and post wo. This formula is recommended by Dr Eric Serrano & Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale based off an Italian study.

  4. drink your pre wo powder mix about 1/2 hour before hitting the weights, and while working out sip on some xtend.

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