A bit of confusion about scoops

  1. A bit of confusion about scoops

    sorry if this is a stupid question

    but... on my whey tub it says: Serving size 2 Heaping scoops (94g)

    does that mean two scoops will give me 94 grams of powder?

    because ive compared my scoop to cooking ones around the house and its about 94grams(or mL im assuming theyre the same with most substances) with water filled into it (unless powder works differently).

    In the nutrition info part it says theres 40g of protein per serve and 43g per 100g/3.5oz

    ive always assumed each scoop is 94grams of powder where 40g of that is protein, now im lost after reading "serving size 2 heaping scoops (94g)"

    thanks guys

  2. Volume is not the same as weight...

  3. it means 2 scoops is 94g. but only 40g of that 94g is protein. hence protein is 40g per seriving.

    another way of putting it

    there is 40g of protein in 94g powder (one serving aka 2 scoops) and 43g of protein in 100g of powder.

  4. yeah i understand how much protein there is % wise in the powder, but i just assumed the 1 scoop was 94g cause i measured water into it and it came out around 90-100mL so i assumed them to be the same?

    so per shake i should do 2 scoops which will give me a 40grams of protein? 1 scoop would be 20?

    didnt realise powder would be half its volume in weight

  5. 2 scoops is 94g.

    what kind of powder is it? thats really not much protein per gram. or is it like a protein/carb shake?

  6. Read the label next time. This stuff isn't rocket science, just science. If 2 scoops is a serving and it says 40g per serving, then it's 20g per scoop but 40g for 2. Scoop it out. Put it in the shake. Drink it.

  7. yea no worries i weighed it 2 scoops is 94g approx, i just assumed just like water (at 4 degrees Celcius) that 90 or so mL can be the same as 90grams, dont ask me why i assumed that especially with powder

    problem solved just needed some common sense

  8. You take a lot of stims man?

  9. What are stims?


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