How much caffeine in Biotest Hot Rox??

  1. How much caffeine in Biotest Hot Rox??

    I ordered the regular Biotest Hot Rox, not the Extreme version or anything, but I can't figure out how much caffeine are in the pills! The bottle doesn't say and I couldn't really find it on the forums or internet. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but any1 know how much caffeine is in each tab?

  2. Sometimes supplements list the ingredients under a proprietary formula, where it's not required to disclose the exact amounts of each. However, I think it is required to list them in descending order of quantity. So at best you'll have to estimate, or you'll only probably find info about "x servings is approximately y cups of coffee."

    You might be able to estimate some maximum amounts based on where caffeine appears in the ingredient list. If it's at the beginning, it could basically be the entire serving size and the rest of the ingredients at trace amounts. If caffeine is at the end, then a maximum estimate would be the serving size divided by the total number of ingredients.

  3. bitterplacebo is correct and I believe Biotest states that a serving (4 caps) has the caffeine is equivalent to a cup of coffee.

  4. hmm okay, thanks! good to know

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