Bulk powder / USPLabs Stack ??

  1. Bulk powder / USPLabs Stack ??

    I've been reading this forum and doing research for quite some time now, but just wanted to run this stack by you guys to see if there is anything I should add/remove/adjust...

    Weight: 210lbs. Clean diet, which consists of 6-7 meals/day that are high in protein and essential fatty acids, low in carbs. My goal is to drop my bf 2-3%. Stack:

    *Bulk Cissus: 5g split between waking up/before bed (looking for the anabolic potential in addition to the joint support).
    Bulk Powerfull: 6g split between waking up/ pre-workout/ before bed.
    *Camphibolic: work my way up to 6 pills/day; again split between waking up/ pre-wo/before bed.

    At these dosages I have enough of each to take for 60-70 days.

    I've also read a lot of praise about including Green Tea Extract, but don't know if that will be overkill or not?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  2. why do u want your bf so low? do u have an upcoming show? cuz if not, 2-3 is very low, might not be healthy. given i dont know your current bf, its kinda hard to judge your stack. will give my 2 cents though, yes good for a cutting stack or at least a start. seems like you are concerned about muscle loss based on your chosen supps of maybe sensitive/dont like stims. i can think of many great stims that could potentially have fat burring capabilities. so, maybe look in to some stim fat burners.

  3. I think he means to lose 2-3% BF, not get down to 2-3% BF. That is a level that is not permanently attainable.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. sorry about the wording. Yeah, I meant to cut it to about 8%while maintaining or slightly increasing upon current muscle mass. As far at Stims and fat burners go, one the trainers I work out with recommended redline, however I saw that this forum has a strong leviathan backing. I was looking into those products, but wasn't sure if adding one of them would be over doing it. I've read (never tried yet) alot about the 3 supplements I've listed and thought that there individual benefits would complement one another fairly well in regards to my goals.
    Cissus (strong joint support with "possiblity" of anabolic effects.
    Powerfull (Test promoter, gh inhibitor, sleep aid, etc..)
    Camphibolic (effective thermogenic, testosterone balancer)

    **Green Tea? (often recommended in conjuction with the above supps).

    with that in mind, heebs what did you find effective for a cut diet/work out?

    Also, not opposed to stims (not a huge fan of the ECA stack though, tried it a couple times and experienced a bunch of "highs" and "lows" at the gym.

  5. just a quick question about green tea dosage with NP's powder, which looks to be on par with the stronger GT powders out there (50% EGCG; 95% polyphenols). On a cut diet would you recommend 3grams/day split over 3 dosages; or more like 1.5g/day...?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Warriorz View Post
    Powerfull (Test promoter, gh inhibitor, sleep aid, etc..)
    definitely not an inhibitor, it increases HGH significantly. I can't believe how fast my fingernails are growing. I'm not noticing too much of a hair difference yet, maybe the 5 oclock shadow looks worse. They say that powerFull can raise HGH levels by as much as injecting 3ius.

  7. the current advice is to get the best HGH improvement from powerful, try to take it away from insulin, as insulin blunts the GH spike.

    So if you eat every three hours say, be sure to take it 1.5 hours after a meal.

    bed time is probably also one of the best times to take it, as is pre workout, due to improved sleep and the other non GH related effects.


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