If you would suggest one more item into my mix....BCAA, Glutamine, EAA?

  1. If you would suggest one more item into my mix....BCAA, Glutamine, EAA?

    So my normal supplements (if you call them that) are:

    Creatine (cycle it)
    Flaxseed/Fish oils

    I recently finished up a cycle of Leviathan, which I enjoyed and am looking at RPM...but that's another topic

    So if I were add more dietary supplement would you recommend BCAAs? Glutamine? EAA?

    As far as BCAA vs EAA don't EAA have the amino acids from BCAA in them anyway?


  2. How is RPM a different topic. Add it.
    The forum has endless info on what to use. Personally i'd use BCAAs and then some glutamine(pre & post WO)
    BCAAs i have been putting 5 or 6 scoops of Xtend in a gallon of water and drinkgin it throughout the day.

  3. Whey with EAAs/BCAAs
    Kre-Alkalyn (no cycling)
    Fish oils

    That looks a lot better IMO.

    The kre-alkalyn doesnt need to be cycled because it doesnt put anywhere near as much stress on the kidneys, flaxseed doesnt live upto its claims and is a phytoestrogen aparently, and ZMA will help raise your testosterone level while calcium will help lower bodyfat.

    I cant tell you much about Amino acids because the ones in ON 100% whey are enough for me and I have 2-4 of those a day.

  4. ZMA is a definite must, few caps before bed will keep you muscle building through the night, i also believe it to help in PCT too.

    L-Glutamine pre and post workout would help, think about slapping some maltodextrin in your post WO shake too.

    my routine is

    Double dose multi vit+min
    Double dose Glucosamine sulphate
    Double dose Omega oils B6+B12
    Whey shake with 1/4 cup Maltodextose
    Creatine (when cycling)
    Thermacore (semi-stim)

    Cod liver oil
    Whey (maltodextrose if training)
    L Glutamine (if training)
    creatine (i run multiple 2g doses of pure CEE daily)

    Post WO


    Cod liver oil

  5. definitely BCAA's. their anti-catabolic properties will help you keep as much muscle as you can while your cutting. and RPM's a good choice too

  6. Out of what you are considering, BCAA's. Xtend.... especially if the Backbone stack deal is still available!!!!!!!

  7. Definitely BCAA's. BCAA's and glutamine would be great. I suggest Excell by anabolic innovations. Otherwise, I also like optimum's instantized BCAA's, they taste fine, and you can add in some crystal lite to give them some flavor. You could also just go with bulk leucine.

  8. I see people all over this board mentioning Xtend and Excell - I'm not quite sure what these are. Are they just better tasting BCAA/EAA drinks? I was thinking of bulk BCAA powder for cost purposes - I can drink pretty much anything regardless of taste. I just mix and chug.

    edit: I just read about xtend and excell....seem to be BCAA with some possibly glutamine and vitamin b6 added. maybe I'll go bulk bcaa and bulk glutamine.

  9. Don't go with glutamine man.

    Waste of money.


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