US Domestic Air Travel and Supps

  1. US Domestic Air Travel and Supps

    Quick question. I want to take some BCAAs with me on my trip this weekend. I have all of my other supps in a nice little carrying case that I will bring with me on my carry-on. I am pretty sure that even if I am questioned about them the "these are my daily vitamins, I'm a 'natural' bodybuilder...blah blah blah will work.

    As far as the BCAAs go, I am willing to cap enough for the weekend to bring with me, but that would work out to about 50 per day. 4 days is 200 caps. I could just pop them into an empty bottle of multi's I had around but it wouldn't be sealed. Is this gonna get questioned too? I don't know if I can explain the need for 200 caps.

  2. Just check the bulk powder under the plane, they will probably never see it, and then you dont need to cap em either.

  3. I'm most likely not going to check any luggage.

  4. Carrying on all that stuff is going to get you a little attention and I would hate to hear they made you dump it.
    I live in Atlanta and the people(screeners) at our airport won't let you have a tube of toothpaste. taking that into account Good luck with a bag full of goodies.
    I'd check that bag.

  5. The reason I don't want to check it is because I'm flying to ATL and then to's not a direct flight.

  6. Maybe I'll just bring the essentials...

  7. on many a trip, I have checked in with my luggage wpi, chaos, xceed, massfx, powerfull, havoc, bcaas, ap, etc, in various bottles or baggies. Only once was my bag checked (that I know of) and that was because of the flyer the TSA left in my bag. I have carried items on my carry-on too, but only for short trips and always put my supps in multivitamin bottles (just in case).

  8. Bump for more opinions!!!

  9. One option is to fedex or express mail yourself a box full of that stuff to where you will stay. I'm going to have the same issue in july

  10. only thing I can think of is a print out label.


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