11-oxo at 4 caps a day

  1. 11-oxo at 4 caps a day

    OK this is my review of 11-oxo at four caps a day taken 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening for 15 days with food. First this was done at the end of a 4 week phera cycle (sns methly-plex)where my strength went up quickly and consistently. I started the 11-oxo the next day after my last pp pill and my weight initially dropped, but it rebounded by the end of the 15 days, but my stregth did go down by about 10% of my max of the last week of pp. I also started taking 300mgs a day of 6-0x0 the last day of pp and continued through the duration of 11-oxo and now I'm upping it to 500mgs/day, and I'm starting my research material now at the end of 11-oxo. Overall my feelings toward 11-oxo are as follows, I think it probably should be dosed higher for a stand alone, but at the same time I had problems with low blood sugar after taking it and thought I was going to pass out a couple of times near the end of workouts. It gave me a ravenous appetite which I feel made me actually gain some fat which I did not want in the summer. I may try it again in the future, but it will only be part of a cycle and only dosed once a day for some cortisol control and probably part of a bulk cycle, but never a cutting cycle.

  2. will you try AX 3AD when it is out?

  3. Yes I'm leaning toward 3-ad right now (mainly for the higher dosing per capsule) as part of a fall bulk with either PP(20-30mgs) or Epi(30-40mgs), and maybe something else non-methyl. I'll use it right before or possibly during my workouts to combat cortisol, and get me ready for a post workout refueling. On non-workout days, probably once first thing in the morning with a big carb meal to stave off the catabolism of a 8 hour fast(sleep). ANY IDEA WHEN IT WILL BE RELEASED? I won't need it till late august or september, but I still like to have my stash on hand!!!!!!!!

  4. i know your feelings brother. i got lucky to test it. i dunno when it wil be out. i run a nutrtion store and have quite a load of ppl waiting for it. i plan on running it nextime in the new year with pheraplex and superdrol.

  5. Superdrol would probably go very well with 3ad. The 3-ad might help some of the sides. I get very unmotivated on superdrol alone. I actually think the gains between phera and superdrol are closer than I used to think though, and I really liked the way I felt on phera. The only downside was a lot of hair thinning, where as superdrol doesn't seem to, and it usually makes my skin less oily. I am really suprised Big Bro hasn't stepped in on these very potent supps yet. M1t was really awesome, but I'm almost glad it's not legal anymore because the temptation to take it would be too great even though I'd know what it was doing to my insides would not be worth it.

  6. i am surprised we are the only ones discussing it

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bigschmidt821 View Post
    i am surprised we are the only ones discussing it
    Everyone else must be undercover reps with no real input. So how much do you usually gain on superdrol, and how long are your cycles? I usually will run 4-6 weeks with good liver support on most cycles. I feel after 6 weeks your on natural testosterone is so shutdown you either have to jack up the dose to rediculous levels or do the wise thing: post cycle therapy with equal time offf and try again later. I wish I didn't feel like I would die if I did CLEN again it is awesome for keeping gains between cycles, but I'm literally scarred sh!tlesss of the stuff after my last dabble with it a few years ago and always preach against it.

  8. i never ran superdrol longer than three in a half weeks. i think 3AD with the pheraplex, superdrol cycle will be good cuz 3AD feels so very natural to me. i thought about throwing activate in my cycle at that point to keep all my test freely unbounded. superdrol shouldnt be ran longer than 4 weeks in my oppinion


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