grrrrr maggots and whey protein

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    A weak solution of bleach and water in a hand-pump sprayer might kill them. Might not. At least it would be a cheap remedy to try.

    Or, back to basics...

    Not sure why you guys are playing with these things. Get serious and pull out the NAPALM!

    You guys are like bears with these huge claws and you're trying to kill this bunny rabbit and can't fihure out how..... SWINGERS best movie of all time

  2. Ive tried kerosine, it gets too messy, the area they craw over is about 20 feet by 20 feet and it leaves black marks on the walls and concrete.

    I just payed $60 for 2lb of ON whey protein while I wait for my order from NP.

    My mum just found afew more of these things in an airtight jar full of stail peanuts, no1 knows how they got in or out, but they are covered in cobwebs.

    I am keeping the protein in my bedroom from now on.

  3. Put your protein in the fridge dude, this is sick !!!!!! Flies lay eggs, eggs hatch into maggots, maggots turn into flies. nasty **** .

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    Dude **** that **** I'd move. There is no way in hell you should let maggots live by your pad I had this problem once and the reason being I skipped trash day jus as you have stated but once I started managing my trash better and cleaning up around the bins more often I never had the problem again. If you can I would use the gas trick then flicker a match right by em and post it on utube for a cheap laugh. And bro that sux for them t be in your powder, so do you keep the powder after you find em in or by it or throw it away? Haha
    they cant get inside, but are around the lid, he stated.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    Put your protein in the fridge dude, this is sick !!!!!! Flies lay eggs, eggs hatch into maggots, maggots turn into flies. nasty **** .
    You cant keep protein in the fridge its too moist.

    If it happens again I am buying giant ziplock bags.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ShakesAllDay View Post
    What's a redback?

    edit: nevermind. Nasty spiders. I hate spiders. (hate = scared to death)
    a ****ing spider in your protein? jesus christ, i'd sh!t myself if i saw that and convert to veganism. maggots are pretty damn bad and i've never heard of it attacking protein powder specifically, but spiders? *shudders*

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    Where do you live that there is a maggot problem? I don't know about anyone else, but if I had a maggot problem around my house, I would move, or find a better place to hide the bodies.

    Speaking about know there are certain flies that lay their egg in your skin? And then the egg will turn into a maggot which will eat your skin untill it is ready to get out. Saw this on tv and it's grose. Happens to sheep and cows mostly though...not humans.


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