scivation vasoxplode

  1. scivation vasoxplode

    hows this stuff taste? seems a little expensive for 20 servings any comments?

  2. It taste pretty good, a little sour but much better than most drinks of this genre. As far as price is concerned, considering the dosage of some pretty expensive ingredients VasoExplode is an absolute bargain and is as cheap as using bulk ingredients. Scivation looks like they used a large dose of Citrulline Malate in the product and that stuff don't come cheap.

  3. Agreed. The doses are large on the CM, BetaA, ALCAR. And as far as energy, 1 scoop is nice, two is pretty strong. At night I'd use 1 scoop, for morning workouts, two.

    I think VasoXplode and Ragnarok are the two best formulas out there now.

  4. hows ragnarok taste?? any prefered flavors?

  5. Warrior Melon, for sure. I'd put it up with VNS Jacked as the best tasting Pre-workout drinks.


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