Yellow Gold sleep effects?

  1. Yellow Gold sleep effects?

    Just wondering if anyone has any comments on this, theres so many yellow gold entries in searches, its hard to find what you want I saw someone mentioning better than normal sleep with Berberines and Anabolic Pump, but was wondering if similar sleep (and libido) effects would come from the Nutraplanet bulk Yellow Gold? I think at the price, i'd buy it just for that and only take it as a sleep aid. I can't take ambien or any other normal sleep meds, as I wake up too groggy and unmotivated to work out.

  2. I've noticed no such effect from any of the yellow Gold products (original, both versions of AP and now the reissued YG).

    REM on the other hand delivers great sleep.

  3. Lower blood glucose seems to help some people sleep, other people stops them sleeping.

    YG + 1C helps me sleep.

  4. Buy YG NOW! ha forget the sleep stuff, its just rediculous for recomp - Rediculous!

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