? about Giant Nutrition

  1. Lightbulb ? about Giant Nutrition

    just wondering whos used protein from GiANT and if u could let me kno wut you thought.

    Also wut was the flavor u like the most. im leaning towards I Pro rasberry lemonade or WPI Pro Pineapple Mango.

    Doesnt look like a big diff between i pro & wpi pro except for a couple more g's protein so i wondering about flavors

  2. Its good quality stuff, but it clumps and foams pretty bad (like most isolates). I have rasp. lemonade and watermelon and they both taste great.

  3. Is Giant a company of Patrick Arnold's?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Is Giant a company of Patrick Arnold's?
    Sister company to ergo.

  5. as far as the fruit flavors go, i really liked all of them a lot

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bbgolfer View Post
    Sister company to ergo.
    Makes sense, I was just confused when I saw some of the same products as some of Ergo's like I-Pro being the same as GF-Pro.

  7. I'm actually just about to finish up with my Green Apple I-Pro. I like it as far as protein flavors go. It mixed pretty well for be but I do agree that sometimes I had issues with the foam, but I think that goes for a lot of isolates.

    As far as the difference between GF and I-Pro, I think its the spray dried bovine serum. HTH

  8. Quote Originally Posted by riseboi View Post
    As far as the difference between GF and I-Pro, I think its the spray dried bovine serum. HTH
    Good call, I think you're right.


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